Executive Director Position


Job Details

Reports to and receives direction from the Electrical Training Alliance of Jacksonville’s Board of Trustees/Committee Members.




The Executive Director will serve as the instructional leader to the jointly sponsored training and education program for the Jacksonville electrical industry. The incumbent will provide leadership, direction, and supervision for the effective operational and academic management of both administrative and educational staff. The position will direct the operation, planning, development, and administration of all training and educational programs in support of the Electrical Training Alliance of Jacksonville’s mission to ensure that all learners are industry and career-ready. The incumbent will be responsible for ensuring the implementation of all applicable board policies.  The Executive Director will be expected to provide regular support and guidance to administrators and office personnel. The position requires strong knowledge of curriculum, instruction, and best practices for assessment. The Executive Director will be required to lead monthly data conversations with staff to drive informed decision making and allocation of resources.   




- Provide leadership and direction to ensure the training and education program continues to achieve high levels of industry performance.

- Oversee the efficient delivery of non-instructional learner services.

- Ensure implementation of the Electrical Training Alliance’s curriculum and instructional practices.

- Provide leadership and direction for administrators, educators, and their leadership teams.

- Understand Board policies, communicate guidelines inherent in those policies, and oversee implementation of the policies.

- Manage and support implementation of the strategic plan initiatives related to the operation of the program.

- Oversee design and implementation of all training and education-based program changes.

- Establish priorities and set measurable goals for achievement by the program.

- Assist educational staff with ensuring that program improvement plans are aligned to the needs of the program.

- Assist the educational staff with responding to issues, problems, and concerns of the program.

-  Assist the educational staff with assessing, planning, and implementing training for instructional staff.

- Monitor program budgets and provide guidance to staff on managing resources to support the program’s goals.

- Coordinate with educational staff to ensure that curriculum, assessments, and instructional practices are aligned to the Electrical Training Alliance standards.

- Coordinate with industry professionals serving the Board to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal law. 

- Coordinate with the Electrical Training Alliance to ensure current and effective assessment tools to evaluate learner performance and best practices are utilized in the curriculum. Provide leadership in monitoring and reviewing test data and using findings to initiate corrective action for those affected.

- Coordinate with Board to ensure that professional development is implemented with fidelity and in alignment with the Board’s strategic plan.

- Interface with governmental agencies, business and civic organizations, and the community to provide the needed information and to promote the program’s training and educational initiatives.

- Perform other related duties as assigned; however, all employees are expected to comply with lawful directives in situations where required by the Board.




- Journeyman’s electrical license

- Bachelor’s Degree in related discipline in lieu of Journeyman’s electrical license



- Minimum of five (5) years of progressively responsible experience in the electrical, educational, and/or administrative industries.




- This position requires thorough understanding of curriculum, instruction and other learner-related services.

- Knowledge of the Department of Labor, ERISA, and other regulating agencies/policies is regarded.

- Ability to use computer technology in administrative and educational settings.

- Excellent organizational skills.

- Demonstrated oral and written communication skills.

- Problem-solving and consensus-building expertise.

- Excellent human relations skills